Health & Wellness

There exists a bridge linking our emotions to our health.

Our emotional state can greatly impact our physical health.  In addition, health and wellness is a critical factor to our overall quality of life.  Diet, exercise and maintenance of one’s body are always a struggle within the stressors of an already busy schedule.  Trying to also achieve mental and emotional well-being can be quite a daunting task.  Homeostasis between mind and body is the goal that we all strive to attain.  Together we can explore issues and share information affecting the health of women today.

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7 thoughts on “Health & Wellness”

  1. Perfect pic!

  2. Judimarie Marra said:

    In response to your paragraph under health and wellness, I need a motivator to get started hitting the gym again. I used to work out all the time and watch what I ate but that has gone downhill. What can I do to get started again. Its really hard. Any suggestions or tips?

  3. Judimarie, welcome to Wonder Woman Talks! Your dilemma is one that many women struggle with…you are not alone! In any self improvement project, whether it be the gym, appearance, or health, you need to set reasonable, realistic short term goals. Change is always a process…it takes time and small strides. Find something in your routine that motivates you to get to the gym. Perhaps a new pair of sneakers, a new workout outfit, or a class at the gym where you are scheduled to attend. Scheduling allows you to fit your activity into your daily routine. Find a class that interests you such as yoga, Pilates, or Zumba, as a motivational interest to increase your participation. Many women self sabotage by having unrealistic expectations of their bodies and the goals they set, while not taking into consideration the limitations of everyday life. Don’t forget that every journey begins with just one step!

  4. Its been two weeks and I have been going to the gym. I am not doing the strenuous workout I have always done for many years but am starting out slow. My first step in the process has been to just get there and get used to the place again even if it is to just use the treadmill for 20 minutes and leave. I figured I would take baby steps – accept that this will be a long term goal of weight loss and a permanent lifestyle change. I hope to think of the gym as important as showering daily… I will try and incorporate it into my daily thoughts as that. Right now – the process is slow and I am dragging myself there. Each time before the gym I don’t want to go but make myself. I also found having a gym buddy who will drag you there is important. I never used a gym buddy for motivation but never say never. Thank you.

  5. Okay Im in a slump. Life got in the way in the past two weeks – Im talkin, really got in the way and I went to the Fridge,.,,and moved less than a rock. how the heck do I get motivated to get back to the gym or on any health path. Im getting comfortable running home – when I say running I mean symbolically…and lying down or plopping myself on the couch. I need some motivation.

    • JM, it sounds like something negative sent you into a downward spiral during this short period. Don’t despair! It would be a good suggestion to fight negative with positive! Think of something you love to do the most, and do it! Cycles, whether negative or positive, can be disrupted by an opposite event occuring. I agree with you, it is difficult when you are in a slump to get back up, however it is worth the jump start attempt! The sooner you disrupt the downward spiral the easier your recovery back to your usual self, and routine will be.

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