Style is an expression of oneself.  It’s our blank canvas where our self portrait begins, evolves and transforms.

Our individual style is a reflection of our internal feelings.  Perceptions, emotions, self-esteem, and body image all affect how we develop our own “sense of style.” Our individual lifestyles are also parameters for affecting style choices, what is practical, and works within our daily routine.  As we grow, and our role and lifestyle changes, our style also changes.  Trends and fashion are important tools that guide us in creating our individual  “style statements.”  They allow us to choose from within the endless variety of designer trends and looks.

This section will look at women’s style from within the self.  We will discuss our feelings about how we look and present within a quick paced, trendy, and fashion conscious society without losing who we are as unique women.

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2 thoughts on “Style”

  1. Oh cool, you found those pictures of me from my old photo-shoots!

  2. Nice

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