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As I approached this white sandy beach, I was taken by the look of uniformity! The line of blue and white umbrellas matched the colors of the blue water and white sand. How breathtakingly beautiful!  It reminded me of a postcard. However, when I got closer I was pleasantly surprised to see such a myriad of difference and uniqueness! There were people of all ethnic backgrounds, languages, body types, swimwear, towel logos, and sunglasses. Every umbrella had a different appearance and flavor underneath its uniform exterior.

As I sat under my umbrella, I thought how unique I made it because of who I am as an individual. Perhaps, the parallelism is that the umbrellas represent an external uniformity for all of us as living human beings within society, however we are very unique individuals on the inside. I pondered on my thoughts of individuality and how important it is in life, while I enjoyed the beautiful weather, surroundings and multitude of “flavor” surrounding me!

What is under your umbrella???