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COLOR adds such a zest to our lives! Looking at this view of a quaint little beach colored in blue and yellow accents in the chairs, tables, and boat in the water, I realized the feelings that were evoked in me! I felt a moving sense of lightheartedness, hopefulness, tranquility and happiness! Something so simple to the eye but inspiring to the mind and soul.

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.

Oscar Wilde

I knew in that moment this surge of feelings came from a deeper place. It inspired me to think about the impact of colors in my life. The senses color stimulates within us as we process them. “Life is about an abyss of color” both in nature and man made. In fact life is about color!

Many colors are automatically associated with life events. Black for death and mourning, white for weddings, red for love, pastels for spring, pink and blue for baby gender…The associations are ongoing…Color also lives within us! Within our “self”. Think for a moment what colors move you the most? What colors define who you are as an individual? For myself I associate blue and white as my colors. On the outside I associate these two colors to blue symbolic of the ocean, and white symbolic of light, air and clouds. On an inner level these colors represent my feelings of strength, courage, hope, dreams, tranquility, healing and an endless drive for life!

Reflect for a moment on the colors of your life? Both in your surroundings and within your “self”. You may view life through a different color!!