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Vacation has come to an end.  Summer was a time for relaxing, healing, reflecting and memories.  Every vacation has special memories and experiences, which we try to hold on to.  Sometimes we choose memorable souvenirs, which we find in quaint little stores or vendors.  Shells from a beach we walked at sunset, a rock from a mountain we climbed.  No matter what the object we choose, it represents a memory of that experience or moment.  Our souvenir brings us back to the smell, taste, and warmth of our special place.  As I sit at my desk at work I look at a glass filled with very small seashells I collected on my favorite beach.  A picture of “my paradise”, reminds me of the peace and serenity island beauty can bring me.

Yes, summer may be over but my souvenirs will always bring me back to those special moments.  They can be good meditation and relaxation tools as you can refocus yourself in difficult, stressful moments.  They can put a smile on your face with just a glance.  Whatever your souvenir is, try to hold on to the feelings it induces and memories you recollect because your souvenir truly is within you!

What souvenirs have you brought back?