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Many women wait for that special moment in a relationship to say, “I do!”.  This statement has spanned generations giving the understanding of acceptance and commitment to a relationship.  Today finding our “soul mate” or partner has become more and more difficult.  Society is in a fast pace of change regarding relationships.  Currently, as women, we are experiencing a second feminist movement that is giving women a different set of rules and norms with which to live and make choices by.  “I do!” has a whole new meaning in contemporary relationships.  Studies show, a changing trend in women’s choices in men as commitment candidates.  There exists a parallel sexual movement going on along with the feminist movement of today.   Literature, such as “50 Shades of Grey”, sex toys, and lingerie have all become tools in this sexual movement, liberating women and their relationships.  Concepts, such as S&M implying a “dark” side of intimacy has now become BDSM where the “light” has shed insight for women on choices and sexual style preferences.

The “once upon a time” Snow White fairytale where the handsome Prince saves Snow White and they live “happily ever after”, has now become 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman, where she is taking charge and fighting for herself through the evil forest and making unconventional choices in her journey for her “soul mate”.  Choosing the Huntsman and not the “Prince.”

Who we choose as our partner is an interesting question.  Traditionally women were attracted to the alpha male, a powerful, dominating, and testosterone filled man that was expected to take care of them.  Current trends indicate a shift in women’s preferences.  Women are becoming more sexually uninhibited and self-aware through literature, media, advertising and product options.  Women are exploring being the dominator in a sexual relationship thus seeking a more “submissive” male or someone who can be flexible and “switch” into either role.

No matter what they choose, women of today are more independent and assert their voice toward choices that please them!

Who would you choose?