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I was on a mission to explore new shopping territory!

This felt like a new adventure! That became my conquest! Onward I went…to The Gallery at Westbury Plaza Outlet where the new Bloomingdale’s, Saks Off Fifth, and Nordstrom Rack recently opened.  I felt a positive energy that every fashionista experiences when going on a shopping safari!  The possibilities are unknown and endless with every experience.  My anticipation of finding that perfect item at a great price was consuming me!

Here I am!  In the middle of Nordstrom, scanning the many racks of clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories.  People everywhere, chatter about decisions, shopping carts in the aisles!  It was quite the jungle out there!  From a distance my binocular eyes saw the first target!  As I approached, I realized some else had also set their sights on my target.  I quickly zeroed in on a beautiful pair of leopard Diane von Furstenberg ankle boots and snatched them off the shelf.  “Are you taking those? I was looking at them” a woman asked.  “Yes!” I answered, “I’m taking them!”

It’s survival of the fittest in this retail jungle.

Kill or be killed!  I tried on the boots, which are a fall statement piece, and they looked very chic!  In my basket they went…as I moved on to my next kill…

This went on for several hours, as I went into all 3 outlet stores.  It was an exhausting yet exhilarating experience that allowed me to use my big gun fashion sense, survival skills (necessary for living in New York), and passion for the sport of shopping.  It was my shopping safari with a trophy ending of great deals!