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Face oils, a must have secret to a luminous glow, that lasts all day!

Oil has been historically used for beautifying purposes going back hundreds of years.  Oils, which were extracted from botanicals, fruits, and nuts, have existed in the shadows of heavy synthetic skin treatments. The use of natural oils in beauty products dwindled with the emergence of new skin treatments that were laden with heavy oils such as petroleum, lanolin, mineral, baby oil, which tend to sit on the surface of the skin and clog pores.

Studies indicate that “good oils” can energize the skin, kill bacterial, increase circulation, and draw oxygen into the skin. Oil helps to hydrate and leave skin with a glowing sheen. Some of the benefits of oil used in cleansing your skin are removal of dirt and makeup, hydration, and strengthening of the skin. Some popular cleansers with an oil base are Mac Cleanse Off Oil and Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil.

When moisturizing your face with oils, incorporate them into your morning and nighttime routine just like you would a moisturizer. The benefits of using natural facial oils are alleviating dryness, brightening dull skin, locking in moisture and helping eliminate acne. Some excellent and effective facial oils are Darphin Chamomile Aromatic Care and Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil.

Body oils are unique in that they offer hydrating effects to the body, but lend a hint of fragrance as well. Dry oils are an example of these body oils that contain little or no water and leave the body with a non-greasy sheen. Body oils help fight textural changes in the skin, soften and hydrate, while leaving behind a subtle scent. Avéne Huile Corporelle (hydrating body oil), Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 30 Luxurious Protective Oil, and Marula Oil The Leakey Collection Omega Rich Pure Marula Oil are great body oils.

It is just as important to moisturize our hair with these good oils.  They benefit in hydrating, strengthening, and smoothing frizz, as well as calming the scalp.  Chemically treated hair usually requires heavier oils where as fine and thin hair will benefit from a lighter oil.  Moroccanoil Treatment, Ojon Rare Blend Oil, and Klorane Mango Oil are products that are good for your hair.

It is important to moisturize, especially during the cold, harsh days of winter. Using the right oil products will help our skin and hair stay hydrated, glowing, healthy, and overall rejuvenated. So lets get back to basics and use natural oils!