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Miki's Vision BoardWith the new year upon us, I decided to take a vision board workshop given by Orly Amor, author, motivational speaker, and empowerment coach.  It was an interesting and pleasant experience to find myself networking and sharing my thoughts and visions for the future with ten other women.

Vision Board WorkshopHaving a vision is an important factor in moving forward with your goals.  A good way to maintain focus on your vision is to create your own vision board.  A vision board is an excellent tool to remiOrly Amornd you of your wants and desires on a daily basis, keeping these dreams fresh in your mind.  Vision boards are recommended by professionals as one of the most effective techniques to turn your goals and dreams into reality.

We all focused and worked diligently during the workshop to create our individual visions.  My vision was about my future goals regarding WonderWomanTalks and my creative self.  Take a look at my vision board above and join me in creating your own!