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Hair ColorNoticing your first strands of gray is a difficult revelation for many women!  This is the most obvious sign of maturity…hair coloring is the the easiest cosmetic remedy and least invasive to the body.  The dyeing of hair is an ancient art.  In ancient times these dyes were obtained from plants.  In 3400 B.C. the ancient Egyptians began using henna to cover their grays.  In 1907 the first synthetic hair dye was invented.  Today 92 percent of women color their hair according to  a Wella survey.  Hair coloring products have evolved to become a necessary tool for any hair dresser.  Women, young and old, have taken advantage of changing their appearance, style, and look from “out of a bottle”.  In the 1970’s Vidal Sassoon coined the term ‘if you don’t look good, we don’t look good” as a promotional statement.  There lies truth to this statement, if your hair doesn’t look good then the rest of your appearance doesn’t come together either.

Spring 2013 sees the return of the nineties with natural and minimal hair trends dominating the catwalks. Clothes are intricate in their design and so hair needs to look cool and easy by comparison. Lets look at current trends in colors and techniques for spring and summer 2013:

emma stone 2013Buttery blond:
Buttery blond is a blond with a hint of gold and not an extreme yellow.  This shade looks best on darker, olive, or beige complexions and great for people with natural reddish undertones in their hair. It doesn’t work as well on pinkish skin, extremely pale skin, or skin with yellow undertones, according to celebrity hair colorist and all-around color expert Debi Dumas of Byron Salon in n Beverly Hills.  

Another reason to go buttery blond: less damage for your hair. “An advantage of this color versus platinum blond is that the chemicals used are less aggressive,” says Dumas, “so your hair will stay in better condition longer.”

Blond with roots:Charlize Theron
This is great for girls who don’t want to fully commit to their blonde strands. Leaving the roots dark also keeps the color edgier and more mature.

Jessica ChastainRed:
In 2012 many celebrities chose a lot of burgundy and shades of true red, but orangey-red will be the new shade for 2013. The redhead trend will evolve, and the look will be bolder and stronger,” says Dumas. 

”This is actually an accessible look, especially if you have light eyes and a light complexion,” says Dumas. “It’s a particularly perfect shade if you’re a natural blonde and want to transition into a different hair color.”

Blended ombré:Rihanna
Ombré was the biggest hair color trend of 2012, but it’s getting an update for 2013. In 2012 the ombré trend was more extreme but in 2013 it is more subtle.  “The new ombré is all about bringing the lighter color strands closer to the roots, creating a blended, softer look” says Debi Dumas.  

If you have brown hair, Dumas recommends going for a contrasting shade in caramel; if you have red hair she says to think strawberry; and if you’re blonde she says to go for platinum or champagne-colored tips.

12/08/2006. Close-up, Lea MicheleJet Black:
The drama induced by black hair was noticed when celebrities opted for this darker hue. Jet Black is back!

Bold streaks:Selena Gomez
We will see streaks of color, but instead of the pastels in 2012 they will be in bright, vibrant shades. 

Even if you were wary of the pastel color trend, it’s still worth considering a bold streak of royal blue or bright orange in 2013. “Streaks of vibrant color are actually much easier to maintain, and so they’re more practical,” Dumas says, “bold color is a great option for a brunette who wants to try something fun and you can always try clip-in extensions or wash out color if you’re not ready to fully commit.”

Find your ageless color this spring and reinvent your look!