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Workplace“I love my work!” is a statement infrequently used in today’s workplace.  In a currently demanding, fast paced, and competitive work environment, maintaining emotional equilibrium and job satisfaction can be very difficult.  Feeling a dulled mental state caused by prolonged work stress, and a lack of accomplishment, detachment, and Workplace Gossipemotional exhaustion are all signs of occupational burnout.  Studies show that strong social and emotional skills are important predictors of well being and success in the workplace.  Feeling overwhelmed when incredibly busy is the buildup of emotions such as fear and anger.  Work gossip or water cooler blowouts can leave you feeling very Watercoolernegative. Excessive work loads can lead to lower morale and job dissatisfaction.  Our work relationships also play a very important part in job satisfaction and the quality of the work environment.


Here are some strategies to help make long work days less frustrating and more pleasant:

  • Prioritize your time and tasks.
  • Avoid negative, cynical coworkers and interactions.
  • Set up positive work relationships.
  • Pause, take a deep breath, and be open to sharing and listening to others.
  • Revisit the original reasons you chose the job you do.
  • Take care of yourself through self-compassion.  Figure out what soothes and restores you!

Learn to love your work!