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Career Woman

With women making up 47% of America’s workforce here are some facts that every woman should know when looking for a job!

  • Right out of college women earn $35,296 compared to a man’s $42,918.
  • Only 7% of female grad students negotiate their salary compared to 57% of male grad students.
  • Jobs with the smallest wage gap between men and women are pharmacists 99.6% (percent of what women make to what men make), counselor 102.6%, and health technician 103.7%.
  • Jobs with the largest wage gap between men and women are insurance sales agent 62.5%, retail sales clerk 64.3%, and real estate broker 66%.
  • Men usually make more than women in all fields whether they are male dominated or not.  For example, male nurses make more money than female nurses even though nursing is a female dominated field.
  • Women are more likely to go into fields such as education, child care, and social sciences (careers that typically pay less), while men pursue careers like computer science, engineering, and finance (careers that pay more).

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