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Woman Working Out

Next time your working out, try quenching your thirst with one of these drinks:

  • Coconut water is the best drink for hydration.  It is a natural source of electrolytes and low on the glycemic index! Recent studies have shown that it’s as effective as sports drinks in re-hydrating your body after an intense workout, and it won’t your blood sugar levels like sports drinks sweetened with high fructose corn syrup.
  • Coffee is great for enhancing your performance.  Studies show that caffeine increases endurance and reaction times.  Plain black coffee is packed with antioxidants, and has only 2 calories per cup!
  • Low-fat chocolate milk is the best drink for recovery after a workout.  The carbs and proteins helps restore energy and build muscle.
  • Drink plain water rather than vitamin-enhanced water.  Most of these vitamin-enhanced drinks are just colored sugar water with some vitamins.  Water can take care of all your workout hydration needs and has zero calories, zero fat, and zero sugar!

Next time you go to the gym, try one of these drinks instead of a sports drink!