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Woman Using Dreamweaver AppFinding time to relax through meditation has been made easier using today’s technology!

More and more studies show that meditation benefits your physical health and emotional well-being.  It aids in stress reduction, decreased blood pressure and heart disease, alleviation of depression and anxiety, and chronic pain. This has lead to the development of smartphone apps that can help you reach your relaxed state of mind – any time, anywhere!!

Dreamweaver AppDream Weaver is a meditation app developed by alternative medicine guru, Deepak Chopra.  The app uses the LED strobe light on your smartphone in synch with Deepak’s narration and soundtrack. The combination is meant to help you meditate, relax and dream instantly.

Take time out to treat yourself to 23 minutes of zen, and share your experience with us!

Please Note – People with photo-induced epilepsy should not use these programs.