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You are what you eat!

CelluliteThe foods that you eat may effect the formation of unwanted lumps and bumps.  Although genetics is an important factor to consider in cellulite development, diet also plays a major role.  Processed and fried foods, as well as sugars and white carbohydrates, act as toxins in the body and cause cellulite.  The worst offenders are soda, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, alcohol, and dairy.

woman standing with white towelEating the right foods can help!  Add cellulite busting foods like pineapple, green tea, sunflower seeds, chili peppers, and asparagus to your diet.  Don’t forget to keep skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water, which also helps the body release stored toxins.

It’s going to take more than substituting one food for another to see a change in the way your body looks.  You need to be dedicated to make health conscious decisions about what you eat!  Depending on the degree of cellulite, changes can vary, but most people tend to notice drastic improvements just by cutting out cellulite inducing foods.

Adjust your diet and give your body an anti-cellulite blast!