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Women at Work

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

– Confucius

Do you close your eyes Sunday night…dreading going back to work on Monday morning?  You may be suffering from a work slump!  While we all go through ups and downs with job satisfaction, studies show that employees in their late 20’s to early 40’s experience lower job satisfaction and higher emotional exhaustion that their older and younger peers.  Many people hit this slump at the peek of their career.  Competitiveness, promotions, and financial rewards create more stress within work and career.

Here are some tips to help you love your job:

1. Start Fresh:  Pretend that you just started working at your current job.  Dress up more, socialize with your coworkers, avoid a rigid routine, and be more motivated to take on new tasks.  Doing this can help give you that new job feel.

2.  Work Smarter not Harder:  Avoid burning out by working long hours. Try to find ways to work more efficiently.  Doing good work is better than working too many hours.

3.  Find the Balance:  Make sure you balance your work life and your personal life.  Having recreational and social interests outside of work helps clear your mind and allows you to unwind.

4.  It’s OK to say No:  People, especially women, struggle with setting boundaries at work.  Saying no, in a tactful way, can keep you from being given too many tasks.  It allows you to keep your focus and avoid feeling overworked.

5.  Customize your Job:  It is important to create elements that work for you in order to achieve more job satisfaction.  Change how you work, who you interact with, and find meaning in your work.  Combining all of these factors will leave you with a unique sense of purpose.

6.  Fill in the Gap:  Figure out what would really make you happier at work, like taking on new projects or setting new work goals. It is important to be honest with yourself, even if it means the only way to be happy is to change jobs.

What is something that you have tried, that has helped you increase your job satisfaction?