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Skin RxI’m stressed!

Life stressors happen on a daily basis, leaving us feeling the drama, and wearing the results all over our face!

Work stress, can create premature wrinkles as a result of frowning.  Working out 3 times a week helps you to de-stress, and a low dose of Botox can help stop the frown lines from turning into full blown wrinkles.

Insomnia, a side effect of stress, increases skin dehydration, leaving it dull and tired looking.  Allow yourself a relaxing bedtime routine, and moisturize before you sleep to keep skin hydrated.

Stress induced binge eating can be a trigger for acne and skin breakouts, as it raises insulin levels and the production of oil.  Try to eat healthy snacks and avoid junk foods.  Also cleanse your face more frequently to contain breakouts.

Relationship and financial anxieties both involve emotional distress, which increases cortisol, a stress hormone. Increased cortisol levels adversely affect collagen production that helps keep skin plump.  This leaves skin looking saggy.  Meditation and breathing exercises, even for 5 minutes a day, helps restore your mental state, which leads to cortisol reduction.

We can’t completely rid stress from our daily lives, but we can change the way we deal with it, and how it affects our body.  Follow these tips for healthier skin!